How Do You Increase Your Organic Reach On Social Media?

8 Tips For Posting On Social Media

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The use of social media for businesses is hot. The social media craze started years ago, but it started off being mainly used for personal use. Posting about your personal life, what you like doing etc. However, it has grown to be so much more than that. Today, social media is a huge part of a business marketing strategy. It’s a completely visual form of marketing, which is a key part of a marketing strategy. Social media allows your target audience to see who your company is in a snapshot, engage with what you have to say and see what you have to offer.

With social media being a main part of a business marketing strategy, it’s important to know how to increase your organic reach to master it and are getting the best results. With that being said, you might have no idea how to increase your organic reach, and that’s okay. It’s a valid question that can be tricky to figure out. That’s where BMG comes in. We help almost all of our customers run their social media platforms in addition to our own. I got with our social media manager here at BMG since she is an expert, and asked her what her tips and advice are on the topic! Keep on reading to learn what she said.

1. Build your presence & authority

The first tip our social media manager had was to build your presence and your authority on all of your different social media platforms. You can build your presence and authority by increasing your follower count and your audience to make yourself known! You aren’t going to increase your organic reach if no one knows who you are. Your next question might be, how do I build my presence and authority to gain followers? Another great question. 

There are a variety of different ways you can increase your social media following, but the biggest is posting valuable content. If you aren’t posting, people aren’t going to find you and people aren’t going to follow you. Once you have enough posts and followers and are posting what people want to see, you will begin to appear in more news feeds and it’s a snowball effect. This should increase your organic reach. 

2. Use organic post targeting

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Organic post targeting is another big part of increasing your organic reach through social media. Organic post targeting means that you are posting what your target audience wants to see. If you aren’t posting what your target audience wants to see, you aren’t going to see an increase in your organic reach through social media. This is simply because the people who you want to follow you, aren’t going to want to follow an account that is showing them irrelevant content. That’s why it’s important to research who your target audience is. Learn who they follow, what they are interested in and what photos they are liking. This will give you a good idea as to what to post and what to stay away from. 

3. Post appropriate content for each social media platform

Posting appropriate content for your social media platform goes hand-in-hand with using organic post targeting. You want to make sure that the content you are posting is not only what your audience wants to see, but what is appropriate for the social media platform you are using. Different social media platforms have different audiences, as well as different styles and tones. For example, LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform. You are typically connected with not only your customers but other professionals in your industry as well as your competitors. With that being said, you want your content to be both professional looking and professional sounding. Save the humor and the more casual content for your other social media platforms. 

Instagram is a great example of a platform where you can be more casual and incorporate more of a humorous tone. Instagram tends to be a younger crowd and is completely visual, so your content should reflect that. Facebook is still more casual than LinkedIn, but not as casual as Instagram. Facebook is a good place to make your posts a little longer and more informational than Instagram. Posting appropriate content for your different platforms is important because you want to make sure you aren’t offending anyone, and you want to make sure your content is hitting your target audience and being portrayed how you want it to.

4. Post a lot of links

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When you create a social media post, best practice is to always link back to the larger piece of content that post is supporting. Posting a lot of quality links is a really easy way to increase your social media traffic to your website. On the flip side, posting content that links to another company or account can put you on the radar of other companies and their audiences. If they see you linking to their page and mentioning them, they are likely to return the favor. Even if they don’t mention you in a post or even follow you, you’re still getting your name out there and drawing awareness to who you are.

5. Social proof, social proof, social proof!

Up next we have social proofing. Social proofing is essentially where you get to brag and show off your company and show that you’re legit. You can do this by posting a testimonial from one of your customers that had a great experience working with you and your company. This will give people that are scrolling through their newsfeed or people who are deciding if they want to work with your company a good feeling about you. It’s such an easy marketing tactic to do on your part, and the results can be exponential! 

Reviews are essentially the same thing as a testimonial. If you get a great review on your review platform, share it to your social media for the world to see! Getting people to share your content is another way to show your company is legit and that what you are posting is relevant and important.

6. Be customer focused with your posts

If you want to increase your organic reach through social media, you have to be customer-focused. Being customer-focused is similar to using organic post targeting and posting appropriate content for your platforms. You have to know who your target audience is, and make your content focused on them. Letting your target audience know you are focused solely on them and it’s your mission to post what they want to see, it’s going to make them more engaged with your content, and more importantly, your company.

7. Post as much video content as you can

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Video content is the new marketing trend for 2020. You can expect to see more and more videos being posted on your social media. With that being said, you are going to want to hop on the bandwagon and start posting videos. Give the people what they want! Again, if you are posting what people want to see, they are going to start following you... which means your organic reach is going to increase. 

8. Keep up to date on social trends

Again, this goes hand-in-hand with posting video content. Keep up to date on social trends. Right now, TikTok is huge! It’s the hot, new craze that everyone is talking about. Get a TikTok and get your business out there! Just like Facebook and Vine, TikTok will eventually lose its 5 minutes of fame and everyone will be onto the next new thing. Once TikTok starts to fade, get on board with whatever social trend is next. You want your business to be where everyone is. If you can master this, your organic search is going to increase.

That’s How You Increase Your Organic Reach on Social Media 

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If I had to summarize this blog in one sentence, I would say it’s to know your audience. If you know your audience and you are regularly posting what they want to see, your organic reach on social media is going to go up. Every single thing we talked about in this blog has to do with your target audience and all of the topics tie together in one way or another. BMG follows these tips when posting on social media not only for ourselves, but for our customers as well, and we have seen great results. Put a hard focus on your customers and you should see your organic search increase. It’s a foolproof process. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this topic, give BMG a call today, we would love to hear from you!