About the Company


Sals Pizzerias is a local pizzeria in Southern California that is bringing the infamous “New York” style pie to the West Coast. Not only are they bringing New York style pies, but they also have a niche product called “The Grandma Pie”. With two locations and more to come, Sal’s Pizzerias is a hit in their local markets.

Sal’s Pizzeria bought the existing pizza shop that was there and essentially changed everything, except the fact that they sell pizza. Essentially being a new business and being focused on making the best pizza in Orange County, they needed help growing revenue and local presence.


Sal’s needed help with branding, revenue growth, hosting experiential marketing events, and building up their local and social presence. They are looking to acquire new locations throughout Southern California and in order to do so, they need to increase revenue and demand to fund their expansion and reap instant sales—then the opportunity to franchise becomes their new line of business.

Before BMG

The food industry operates on repeat business and 3rd party platforms. One is profitable and the other is…well you get the idea. Sal’s decided early on to try growing their business by using all the 3rd party options available. Not only did they find it difficult to manage and grow organically, they quickly realized they owned none of the customer data—essentially paying a premium for each order, regardless of repeat business. This had to stop immediately. We knew the key to success was setting them up to scale digitally.

BMGs Approach

BMG knew that branding would play a huge role in the success of their growth. Sal himself is the lead actor in their branding. With an authentic, relatable story like Sal’s, we’ve been able to connect with East Coasters longing to find New York style pies in California. We decided to double down on localized SEO, social media, and capturing emails in order to increase demand and customer lifetime values. Food margins are low, so keeping low CPAs is essential to growth—unlike how the marketplaces operate. Now, we are creating online experiences for Sal’s customers so they can order easily, have a great experience, and Sal’s owns all the data. No more relying on expensive marketplaces that don't give back to their users.

Services Provided


Social Media Management



Email Marketing

Reporting & Analytics

Web Design


Sales Pizzerias
Sals Pizzerias Case Study
Sals Pizzerias Case Study
Sales Pizzerias

The Results

Page 1 rankings for local searches

34% Social Site Traffic

33% Organic Site Traffic

50% Increase in Revenue


Matt Collica

Not only have we grown our in-store foot traffic, but we have exponentially grown our online ordering. Now online orders equate to over 40% of our revenue.

— Matt Collica | General Manager

Matt Collica

We’ve been able to execute on several digital efforts we wanted to try, at a speed we could never do in-store, like having multiple websites, having a social presence on our platforms, and running ads.

— Matt Collica | General Manager

The Conclusion

We get to eat tons of pizza! Also, we’ve been able to grow Sal’s revenue by 50%!

This success is from hyper-focusing on brand and local awareness to drive demand and traffic to the restaurants and website. Social media has been a huge driver for this with over 34% of website traffic coming from Instagram, Facebook, and Yelp.

Since Sal’s Pizzerias will grow from acquiring new locations, part of our strategy will always include local keyword SEO strategies to help increase organic traffic—just as we’ve done with over 33% of website traffic.

Page 1 for Local Keyword SERPS
34% Social Site Traffic
Organic Site Traffic
Increase in Revenue