About the Company


Tint Plus is an automotive window tinting and paint protection service provider in Southern California. They’ve been in business for over 30 years and pride themselves on having highly experienced full-time employees, rather than contractors! They are part of an elite dealer program that allows them to sell the industry’s highest performing line of automotive window film called Formula One. This gives them a unique value proposition that puts them above local competition. In 2019, Tint Plus expanded to two locations and is currently growing in both locations.


Tint Plus was in desperate need of not only a functional website but one that was branded and demonstrated why they are the best option for local tinting and paint protection services. Another goal was to increase the number of digital leads from their website and social media. With an influx of leads, a CRM and automation process would instantly become another goal to provide the best experience for their new customers.

Before BMG

Tinting your car’s windows in Southern California is a very common thing to do, which leads to a lot of competition. Before we got involved, Tint Plus’s website was hosted on WordPress and got hacked, which presented them with a lot of hurdles—one of them being their domain was banned from Facebook. Their website was essentially useless, which made it difficult for local customers to find and inquire about their services and pricing. Also, to no fault of their own, they were using an outsourced ads manager who was sending paid traffic to a broken website.

BMGs Approach

First came their website that now is secure with an SSL certificate, a new domain, and that is hosted with a reliable provider. From there, we took new photographs and created fresh content that would make it easy for their customers to find examples of tinted and paint protected cars. Through SEO and SEM, we set up local ranking pages and relevant Google search ads to attract and drive the most qualified leads to their business. We are also working to create long-form YouTube content to attract more potential buyers who are educating themselves about the benefits of window tint and paint protection.

Services Provided


Web Design

Social Media

Reporting & Analytics




Tint Plus
Tint Plus Case Study

The Results

296% Increase in Lead Generation

Web New Branded Domain

150% Increase in Organic Traffic

76% Increase in Social Media Traffic

SSL Certified Website

Jeff Wilkes

“A huge thank you goes out to everyone at BMG Marketing for their amazing talent and skill in helping me to grow my internet presence and customer base at Tint Plus.”

— Jeff Wilkes | Owner

Jeff Wilkes

“They (our customers) want to get a quote or give us a call because of the strategic and in-depth content offered but without overloading the potential customer”

— Jeff Wilkes | Owner

The Conclusion

Tint Plus’s overall website traffic grew significantly, which led to a 296% increase in lead generation and a 150% increase in organic traffic!

Social media and video content creation are both key components of their marketing strategy. The constant content creation gives us the creative ability to run effective ad campaigns that are driving incredible results with highly qualified leads.

Most importantly, we’ve given Tint Plus a fresh new way to show what they do so well through their newly designed website. It’s been such a great addition to how they operate as a business and we are excited to see them grow even more!

Increase in Lead Generation
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Social Media Trfffic
New Website and Branded Domain