About the Company


Clarity Experiences is a premier audio visual event production provider and industry thought leader. With BMG’s help, Clarity has positioned itself as a go-to company for hosting virtual events at the highest level of production. Being hit hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Clarity Experiences was still able to have a successful year with our help and is looking forward to getting back into live events and helping their clients scale with hybrid events.


Clarity was at a good place in terms of growth, but they needed help growing at a faster pace. They heavily relied on repeat and referral business, but they were ready to take a leap into the digital world of inbound. They wanted to focus on creating a brand within their industry that positioned them as industry leaders. Another goal was to use their website as a way to educate their viewers and attract new customers. Never experiencing sales revenue from digital leads, they set a lofty goal and we were ready for the challenge.

Before BMG

The AV production industry relies on high-quality visuals as a means of brand trust, industry experience, and social proof. Before BMG, Clarity’s website worked 50% of the time—it was not a reliable resource for potential customers to use. We were so excited to finally get them a high-performing website that their customers could enjoy!

BMGs Approach

One thing we learned right off the bat is that people love working with Clarity because they create real long-lasting relationships with all their clients. So for us, we knew capturing their culture would be a key component of their branding. We wanted to elevate the user experience of their digital presence by hyper-focusing on high-quality visuals, graphics, videos, and tying it all back to their unique and strong culture. Next was to help them determine successful KPIs that would contribute to their company growth. With the new website and content marketing strategy in place, our reporting helped Clarity understand what was driving success and where to focus more efforts. Lastly, paid prospecting and customer acquisition through Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn would be an effective medium for brand awareness and lead generation.

Services Provided


Software Automation

Content Marketing

Social Media Management


Reporting & Analytics


Clarity Experiences
Clarity Experiences Study
Clarity Experiences Study
Clarity Experiences

The Results

147% Increase in Lead Generation

High-Performing Acquisition Site

441% Increase in Site Traffic

$1M+ Sales Revenue from Digital Leads

960% Increase in Social Traffic


Gary Lagestee

We’ve experienced steady growth over the past four years with BMG playing a key role in that growth. Our partnership has continued to grow and will continue to grow well into the future as we gain further traction in the market.

— Gary Lagestee | Director of Sales

Gary Lagestee

BMG has been a great partner for Clarity in SEO, AdWords, Email Campaigns, Website Development, Branding, and Content Creation to name a few.

— Gary Lagestee | Director of Sales

The Conclusion

By spearheading their blogging and social media, we’ve been able to grow Clarity Experience’s overall website traffic by over 440%!

Our partnership involves precise industry topic research and an in-depth understanding of industry terminology, which has generated high-ranking content that drives qualified inbound leads to the Clarity Experiences website.

With live events being postponed in 2020, BMG helped Clarity strategize how to support virtual events at scale, which helped generate an additional revenue stream for the business.

Increase in Lead Generation
Increase in Site Visitors
Increase in Social Traffic
Marketing Revenue