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Our take on consulting is a little different. Consulting to us means not just learning about the business, but about the people that run it. It’s cliche but true, the people are the lifeblood of every organization and by far the most important asset in any company. Leading, managing and empowering employees is essential to the growth of any business and can be the most difficult task of any organization. While we do focus on strategic planning and tactical initiatives we feel having the right people in the right place is just as important. We start by working with your team members and employees to understand the culture of your company. From there we can recommend strategies, best practices, and tactics that you can implement to grow your business. 

Business Consulting

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We believe what got you here does not always get you where you want to go. That’s why we design, define, and document strategies that have one goal—to help your business or brand engage with your customers. It sounds simple but our strategy is rooted in discovering your problems and goals. Modern marketing includes all of the majors touch point you have with your customers and is determined by codifying strategies around your brand, message, and positioning. We know how difficult it is to create the big picture and more importantly, execute it. That’s why our strategies sole purpose is to serve your customers and business needs.


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Creative & Content

Creative & Content

Creative & Content BMG

A key factor in successful small and mid-market business marketing is mastering content because it’s basically free advertisement. Your website is available and accessible 24/7 for potential customers to find you. There are so many different types of digital content, like blog pages, product pages, service pages, landing pages, internal pages and more. The hard part is writing each of these different types of content while adhering to SEO best practices, effectively communicating to your audiences, and keeping the tone of your business consistent. BMG can help you with your content and we start by learning your business first. We want to learn your industry or category, who your customers are, and what the voice of your business is before we even think about creating content for you. Once we know your business and your voice, we can start creating kick ass content that is unique to who you are!

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We believe design is the glue that pieces your brand and message together. We believe everything can be designed, especially your digital presence. Design goes further than just colors, text and buttons. Design creates a story at every stage of your customer journey. Well-designed branded marketing materials can help you stand out from the competition and leave the lasting impression you strive for. Our in house team will help to strategize and design each of your marketing pieces. We make sure to understand the intent or purpose of the piece, who the target audience is and how it fits into your overall marketing goals. Working with one graphic design ensures that all of your pieces will be cohesive, on brand, and can be re-used or tweaked at any time.


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Social Media

Social Media BMG

In todays world, our customers have so many options to engage with their favorite brands and companies. Social media is one of the best ways to effectively communicate and engage with your customers. We start our approach with fully understanding your brand or company! We implement a brand awareness questionnaire to make sure that all aspects of your brand are covered and fully understood. Next, we represent your company across all relevant social channels as a strong voice for your brand. We create content, compelling campaigns, engage with clients, and enhance your brands online presence. We come up with clear and concise goals and make sure all are executed at the highest standard.









Paid Social Ads

Paid Social Ads

Social Ads are just an added way to reach your target audiences through all your social platforms. We believe to be successful with social ads you have to know your target audience and stick to it. Social ads are all about timing, getting your ad to the right people at the right time. We use social ads to help build your brand awareness, generate leads, and sell your product/service. Social ads not only keep your brand top of mind for your customers but it also reaffirms their choice. By using social ads, we can grab your customers attention and drive engagement and conversions on all your social platforms.




Paid Social Ads
Technology & 3rd Party Software

Technology & 3rd Party Software

Technology BGM

Our approach is simple. We audit your current technology and recommend the best technology for and how it relates to your business. We believe technology is a necessity for any modern day businesses and when used properly, is a key component to the growth & success of any business or brand. We vet all software before we commit to using it for ourselves and more importantly before we recommend it for our clients.

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