About the Company


Solar Art is the leading window film installation service provider in California and Washington State. Their business model is to expand the company like no other in its industry. The vision was to do this by building the right team with the right culture and acquire independent window tint shops across the country. Each time learning from the knowledge and experience of the owner while bringing most of them along for the ride. With 60+ employees and plans to go across the country, Solar Art is growing at a rapid pace!


With how fast Solar Art is growing and how big of a company they are becoming, they needed help defining and executing on sound marketing strategies to both support and scale their business. One of their goals was to transform their site into a high-performing acquisition site that would present themselves as industry leaders. They also needed to increase their revenue produced from their digital leads. With scaling their digital presence, analyzing and managing their CPLs and CPAs became a very important KPI.

Before BMG

The window tinting business world is old and slow. Before BMG, Solar Art’s digital strategy was not much different from the local window tinter down the street. Their website was difficult to navigate and the pages were littered with keyword stuffing (not recommended). Their website was used to capture leads, however, their efforts were costly and not very effective.

BMGs Approach

As soon as BMG started working with Solar Art, we helped them identify their goals and define successful KPIs in order to contribute to their company growth and scale their digital marketing performances. We helped Solar Art by developing quarterly marketing strategies, solidifying their brand voice, tone and positioning, and by executing marketing initiatives around that. We optimized Solar Art’s ad campaigns and budget, implemented a content marketing strategy including blogs, case studies, and website pillar content. We also focused on adding new sources of revenue by targeting customer retention via email campaigns and by distributing content for their social media profiles.

Services Provided


Software Automation

Content Marketing

Social Media Management


Reporting & Analytics



Solar Art
Solar Art Case Study
Solar Art Case Study
Solar Art

The Results

20,000+ Monthly Site Visitors

90% AVG Increase in Lead Gen YOY

300% Increase in Site Traffic

-80% Decrease in CPL

$3M+ Sales Revenue from Digital Leads

-665% Decrease in CPA


Howard Wallace

“The team has transformed our digital marketing, branding and email campaigns in a way that has set our sales teams up for success.”

— Howard Wallace | CFO

Howard Wallace

“I know our business has grown at a much faster clip thanks to the contributions of BMG Marketing.”

— Howard Wallace | CFO

The Conclusion

With BMG leading its content marketing and SEO strategy, Solar Art’s overall website traffic grew from a handful of organic hits to more than 16,000 monthly visitors by mid-2020 and now 25,000 monthly visitors in 2021.

Through an extensive SEO strategy, rigorous topic research, and high-quality writing, BMG built a strong organic traffic engine to drive qualified search traffic to the Solar Arts website.

By focusing on creating content that educated its viewers and that demonstrated industry knowledge and expertise, BMG helped Solar Art attract their ideal customers, driving a significant number of blog-influenced conversions and revenue.

Monthly Site Visitors
Increase in Site Visitors
Marketing Revenue
Decrease in CPA