How User Segmentation Will Improve Your Content Marketing

Market Segmentation 101

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If you are in the marketing world or even in the business world, it’s probably no surprise that creating and distributing content is a huge part of marketing. Whether it’s blogging like I’m doing right now, sending emails, or posting on social media, getting your content out there for the world and for your audience to see is how you gain conversions and make sales. However, who you send the content to is just as important as creating it. This blog is going to be a crash course on marketing segmentation, why user segmentation is so important, and how it will improve your overall content marketing. Keep on reading to learn more about how user segmentation can change your content marketing game! 

No more generalized content

The days of generalized content and sending out mass emails should be behind you! Don’t be that person who sends a mass email to your entire contact database, providing little to no value to anyone. I am here to tell you that 100% of the time, generalizing your content does no good for you when it comes to marketing, and incorporating user segmentation is an easy way to make sure sending generalized content doesn’t happen. Overgeneralizing and sending generic contact to your entire contact base isn’t providing any value to your customers and is more likely to result in high spam and unsubscription rates. 

Audience specific & diverse content 

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Now, on the other hand, if you segment your audience, you are able to create content that specifically pertains to each audience. This provides your audience value because you are writing content that is geared specifically towards them and what they are looking for. Not to mention, it shows diversity in your content. Only writing over-generalized content doesn’t show that you are knowledgeable in your different audiences and the different areas of the customer journey...which isn’t going to impress anyone.

Identify the goals of each audience 

Segmenting your content allows you to identify the goals of each audience. By segmenting your content you are able to reach out to each audience and see what kind of content they want to see and see what’s valuable for them. From there, you can create the content your audience asked for, figure out what type of content works best for them, and really drive it home! This allows you to show your audience how and why your product or service matters to them specifically to them. You can figure out any questions they might have and answer them directly through the content.  

You can reach people at different phases of the customer journey

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One of the most important parts of marketing is targeting and creating content for customers that are in different parts of their “journey” with your company. For example, at the very beginning of the customer journey, people do a lot of initial research to learn about and educate themselves on your product or your service. Creating educational content for this audience will make them more likely to return to your site or potentially move forward with your company.

As people move along in their customer journey and are less interested in research and more interested in your company and the services you provide, you are able to create content specifically geared towards those topics for them. Once someone is in the later stages of the customer journey, you can send them content that will convert them and make them your customer! Once they are your customer you can nurture that relationship and send them content that will make them want to use your company again! 

Gather correct data

Segmenting your audience not only helps you reach specific audiences and create diverse content, but it also helps you gather correct data. Gathering incorrect or irrelevant data doesn’t do you much good, and that’s what you’re going to get when you overgeneralize your content. By segmenting your content, you can accurately see what audiences are engaging in your content and which ones aren’t. Once you have this information, you can adjust your content accordingly to try to give your audience the content they are looking for! 

Increase conversions

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Finally, segmenting your content is going to help you increase your conversion rate. If your audience likes the content you are sending them and it is relevant to where they are on their customer journey, they are more likely to convert. How many times do you get sent emails that you clearly tell were sent out to an entire database and they have zero relevance to you whatsoever? Probably every single day. And what are you likely to do with these emails? Either delete them without opening them or spam them.

If your audience is deleting your emails without even opening them or worse, they are spamming you, your conversions are not being increased. As a matter of fact, it’s actually hurting you. If your emails are getting sent to spam then your important messaging like brand messaging or cross-selling campaigns aren’t being sent out. 

How BMG Can Help You!

There you have it! Six different reasons as to how user segmentation will improve your content marketing. If you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to BMG today!