Who Are Budget Marketing Group Customers?

The Customers of BMG

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If you read our first blog than you know that we are a marketing company that works with other companies to help them with business and marketing consultation. Right now BMG has five clients that we work with daily and help with their marketing strategy. Like we said in our first blog, we provide a variety of different services including rebranding, strategy, establishing a brand, revenue growth, experiential marketing events, and lead generation. Our clients can all pick and choose which services they would like us to help with to perfect their marketing strategy. With that being said, our five current clients all chose different services that they would like help with, so we thought it would be fun to break them down by their services and talk about how we work with them and what we do specifically 😊


First up on the list we have Tint Plus. Tint Plus is a car window tinting and paint protection company headquartered in Orange County, California! Tint Plus utilizes BMG for search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) lead generation. What this means is we help Tint Plus get more qualified leads for their business. BMG uses SEM to make sure Tint Plus has relevant and optimal google search ads to bring in the most qualified leads. BMG also helped Tint Plus by rebranding its website. We started from scratch and completely redesigned it by creating content and individually picking photos. We did keyword research based on their industry and make sure their website and content utilize those keywords to grow their organic rankings and visibility.     



Up next we have SoCal Wax Shop! SoCal Wax Shop is an auto detailing supply company headquartered out of Murrieta, California! They sell quality car care products and have professional auto detailing advice. SoCal Wax Shop sells its own quality car care products and also sells brands that you know and trust. With that being said, their brand needs to represent that also. It’s important to keep your website and your brand up to date and always looking good. It was time for SoCal Wax to rebrand and give their content a facelift. That’s where BMG came in. We worked with SoCal Wax to come with an entirely new brand. A brand that reflects who they are as a company, advertises their business and looks freaking amazing doing it. We used bright and bold colors for their labels to catch people’s attention to draw them in. Now their brand represents and matches who they are as a company. 


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Clarity Experiences is an audiovisual and event production company in Lake Forest, California! They provide audiovisual services for live events, corporate meetings, and meeting planners. With Clarity Experiences, we have been focusing heavily on strategy. We have been working really hard on the back end to come up with strategies that Clarity Experiences can implement in the 2020 year. We had several meetings with Clarity Experiences to learn what their brand voice is and what they value as a company. From there, as a team, BMG collaborated and brainstormed a strategy for Clarity based off of what they wanted their voice to be and who they are as a company. In addition to strategy, BMG also did web development for Clarity Experiences to make sure their website was updated and reflected who they are as a company. Once 2020 gets here we will be ready to hit the ground running with new strategies we can implement for Clarity Experiences!  


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Next, we have Sal’s Pizzeria! Before Sal’s, the restaurant was an existing franchise but was purchased by our founder and then was completely rebranded into Sal’s Pizzeria. He changed the name and essentially the entire business. The only thing that was the same was the fact that it’s a pizzeria. Other than that, everything is new. That’s where we came in 😊 We helped Sal’s establish what they wanted their new brand to be. What’s the tone? What are the colors? What’s the theme? What’s the message? Lots of questions, but all so important when trying to rebrand an entire company with an existing customer base. So that’s what we did. We sat down and got to work. We worked with Sal’s and got these questions answered. Once we got through those tough questions, we were able to hammer out the details for awareness, revenue growth and come up with plans and ideas on how to make Sal’s as profitable as possible. 

From there we were able to get into the fun stuff...experiential marketing events! Like I said earlier, the pizzeria might have always been there, but it’s a completely new company now. So of course, we had to do a grand re-opening! Before we did the grand re-opening, we had a family and friends taster and then we planned the grand re-opening. We organized it with the local community, advertised through social media and email marketing. It was so much fun to work with Sal’s and get to know them on a personal level while planning these events. Around the same time as the grand re-opening, we also planned a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the city of Lake Forest where Sal’s Pizzeria is located. We planned and organized the event with the city to make Sal’s Pizzeria official! We all had so much fun doing it and there will be more marketing events in the future. With that being said, if you live near Lake Forest, you should check out Sal’s, the pizza is 💣


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And lastly, we have Solar Art which is our founder’s main company. Solar Art is the leading window film provider in California and Washington State. Solar Art is BMG’s biggest customer. They utilize all of the services we provide. We have been working with Solar Art for a long time and started by rebranding their business. Just like we have been talking about, we first started by coming up with a strategy, establishing a brand and rebranding the entire business. Solar Art focuses heavily on content to increase organic rankings, social media to increase brand awareness and emails to cross-sell services and retain customers. We also heavily optimized their Google search ads campaigns to capture qualified leads. Solar art has been growing and evolving as a business and with that, so have the services they utilize from BMG. Their needs started with rebranding and SEO but now focuses on lead generation, increasing CLTV and repeat business, CRM automation, sales and marketing alignment, data analytics and reporting to drive strategic decisions when it comes to growing their business.

Budget Marketing Group Services

So there you have it. Five vastly different companies that utilized completely different services from BMG. Whether your company is only looking for help in one certain area or you need a full marketing reboot, we’ve got you covered. We will work with you every step of the way to help you make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. If you are interested in learning more about BMG and how we could benefit your company, give us a call and we’ll chat 😊