Founder & Consultant

Matthew Darienzo

Matthew Darienzo

is our founder/CEO. Originally from NY, he comes from a long line of entrepreneurs.  His father was a successful small business entrepreneur and his grandfather as well starting out as a “Small business lender” or more commonly referred to as “Loan Shark” in the streets of the Bronx, NY. After a short stint in the comedy writing business after college working for Rosie O'Donnell and Martin Short, Matthew and his father bought a small window tinting business. Although he had a passion for comedy, business was his true calling, not to mention according to his wife he’s not as funny as he thinks.

After 10 years of learning how to operate a small business, Matthew found success in the acquisition world by successfully completing 8 acquisitions growing his company from 200k to 12 million. Matthew brings his insights on how to run, manage, and scale small businesses. His main role is to drive strategic business direction as a business consultant and by sharing his passion for business and professional networking.

He is also an investor in an automotive detailing supply business called SoCal Wax Shop. They sell in store and online some of the best detailing products in the industry.

Most recently, he has opened the first west coast authentic Sicilian Pizzeria with his Sicilian father-in-law Sal. It will be an authentic Sicilian inspired pizzeria.

Finally, throughout his 19 year business career there was always one consistency, he always hated marketing. As a small business owner it was always difficult to find reputable marketing companies that knew about small business. Budget Marketing was originally started to just facilitate marketing for his own businesses. He quickly learned that other small business owners were struggling with the same experience using marketing companies that have never ran a business before.